Re: Sys Info network attributes

On 20 May 2010, at 14:23, Brian LeRoux wrote:

> Some notes from the phonegap team for consideration:
> - MAC addresses can be used to uniquely identify a network device
> which we can/have/do use for some apps. I can give some specific use
> cases here if neccessary. We feel this is useful in the spec and not
> really a threat.

I'd be interested in seeing the specific use cases. In particular: *What* is it that you really want to uniquely identify?  The network interface? The user?  The device?

> - Also: MAC addresses can be spoofed!

Yes, but that's not very likely to occur.

> - IP Addresses only give a rough estimate of where a person is...and
> if we don't include it can be easily retrieved with
> anyhow. We should include in the spec.

These may well be different addresses: The device might be behind a NAT, a proxy of sorts, or may use an anonymization service.

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