Re: DAP Sysinfo status?

Hi Fredrik,

Sorry for missing the call this week.

> I believe you addressed all the comments from Mohammed [2], timeless [3]
> and Dzung Tran [4]. Is this correct or do any issues from those comments
> remain unresolved?

As of now, there is one unsolved issue, noted in the specification, 
about whether we should consider that there may be more than one active 
network connection.

> In addition, some concerns were addressed regarding privacy statements
> by Jonas [5]. I believe earlier the WG agreed in general to replace the
> privacy text (section 3) with a standard placeholder until we have
> developed a uniform privacy approach for all the specifications [6]. Do
> you see any problem with doing this or should we keep any of the privacy
> text in Sysinfo? Do you want to make this edit or shall I?

Not at all. I've just updated the specification and added it.

> The reason I ask is that we were planning to consider a Call for
> Consensus (CfC) next week to bring Last Call, but I want to be sure all
> concerns to date have been addressed.
> There was also a more general privacy question regarding SysInfo, that
> deserves an answer, but I don't think needs a change to the
> specification [7].

No, I don't think a change is needed. I should nevertheless respond.


Received on Friday, 14 May 2010 12:34:21 UTC