Re: ISSUE-22: Should we have an umbrella requirements document?

On Sep 23, 2009, at 19:03 , John Kemp wrote:
>> My view is that a general guidelines/requirements document would not
>> necessarily be a useful public output of the W3C DAP WG. All general
>> requirements will be implicitly included in all DAP API specs  
>> produced
>> (because we will check that those guidelines are followed before
>> publishing any spec).
> Is it possible to both create a separate requirements document, and  
> also link from individual specifications into that document? In  
> other words, you only do the work once, but you also give the  
> possibility of documenting requirements which may affect more than  
> one item in more than one specification?

Certainly. In fact, if we do create a requirements document (which  
seems like it will be the case), I believe we will have to link to it  
from specifications because otherwise no one will ever see it :)

Robin Berjon
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