Re: ISSUE-6 requirements strawman


Anything in particular missing?

The corresponding Java API (JSR211, aka CHAPI) has the concept of specific
actions (eg play, print, edit, etc) and the idea that an application can
register as a handler for specific actions for specific MIME types. A photo
viewer application may then register as being able to play multiple image
types but not edit them. A programmatic invocation of an application to
handle an object of given type can then optionally take an action as an

I mention this just for completeness but I'm not sure the idea adds
sufficient value to justify the additional complexity.

Another feature of CHAPI is that an application can be invoked
"functionally" in the sense that it is invoked synchronously, passing an
object by reference, but then on exit it is able to return a result which is
passed back to the original caller via a callback.

Again, I'm not sure the added complexity is justified but worth mentioning
for completeness.


Received on Thursday, 24 September 2009 07:16:23 UTC