Re: ISSUE-13: Gathering requirements [Messaging API]

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> For example, which particular systems should be addressed by this API
> (IM? SMS? MMS? Email? ...Twitter? etc)...or should (and could) the
> Messaging API be agnostic to the underlying messaging system(s) in  
> use?
> Any thoughts welcome of course. I'm unclear at the moment as to which
> messaging system this API will address.

I'd say the best approach here is to start with those that matter  
most: SMS and email (and perhaps MMS, but for most useful cases it can  
be treated more or less as an expensive degenerate form of email). I  
wouldn't look at IM at this point, its requirements will be too  
different (though there could be an IM API). Twitter (and a zillion  
other modern services) has a REST API that can already be addressed  
(if you support cross-domain requests).

Once some level of convincing requirements for SMS and email are  
obtained, we can see how much they overlap. Based on that common  
inheritance can work or not.

Robin Berjon
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