Finding a time for our weekly teleconference

Dear fellow DAP Working Group participants,

Executive summary: fill up

As summer is fading away, the Chairs and Staff Contacts met yesterday to
look into setting up the regular rhythm of work for our group; an
important piece of that will be the start of our weekly teleconference
that we will use to define our schedule, look at the contributions we
have received so far, distribute action items toward the resolution of
issues, etc.

We've agreed to use as a starting point a 90 minutes weekly
teleconference, that will deal both with the policy and API aspects of
our work - we might revisit that set up overtime as needed.

Given that we have participants in this group distributed from the US
West Coast all the way to Korea, finding a good time for all won't be
exactly easy. To help us determine what a good time would be, I have set
up a questionnaire to which all groups participants should have access,
and that you are invited to complete as soon as possible so that we can
set up our first teleconference rapidly: 

(we've selected the proposed times based on our best guess as what would
be "reasonable" times for people in the said timezones, but with a
fairly stretched definition of reasonable for some of these

Thanks for your diligence in filling that up :)

Dom (for his ACTION-1)

Received on Thursday, 3 September 2009 07:40:21 UTC