I'm Frederick Hirsch, working at Nokia on industry collaboration, and  
in particular standardization.

I am co-chair of this Working Group, and will be focusing on the  
security policy aspect, but will also be helping with the API side  
where necessary.

I'm currently also chairing the W3C XML Security Working Group [1] and  
previously chaired the XML Security Specifications Maintenance Working  
Group [2]. I'm also an editor of the Widget Signature specification in  
the Web Applications Working Group [3] and previously was an editor in  
the WS-Policy Working Group [4].

I am also active in the OASIS organization [5],  on the OASIS Board of  
Directors, and am now active (or previously) in committees including  
SAML, DSS, WSS, and WS-SX. I also have contributed in the WS-I Basic  
Security Profile working group [6], editor in Liberty Alliance [7] and  
in OMA [8].

It has been a while since I've actively written code, but I've worked  
on web research prototypes and various development projects over time,  
using a variety of languages such as C,C++,Java,Python, Perl and others.

I have a variety of personal interests, including photography.

A big thank you to Robin for getting this group to a good start on the  
mail list and thanks everyone for contributing.

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch







[7] (see also Kantara Initiative, 


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