RE: Contacts API update

> 1./ The Contacts API MUST be asynchronous.
> There is a significant case for making this API asynchronous 
> due to the agnosticity of implementation. We have talked 
> about this API being an abstract representation of an Address 
> book and there is no reason why the underlying implementation 
> cannot interface with e.g. cloud based address book sources, 
> in which case the need for request/response calls denotes a 
> need for asynchronous implementation.

There is also the point that because this API interfaces with the
device, which is beyond the control of a web runtime environment itself,
it should be prepared for request timeouts and different processing
speeds for e.g. 5000 contact results. 

These principles may apply to other APIs also. For now, I'd like to keep
discussions on a Contacts API only basis.

Received on Thursday, 22 October 2009 10:51:31 UTC