Re: ISSUE-16: Gathering requirements [User Interaction API]

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> ISSUE-16: Gathering requirements [User Interaction API]

It seems the ISSUE-16 has not been discussed on the list yet. To  
recap, according to the Charter deliverables section:

User Interaction API, a set of APIs that gives a widget or website far  
better control of how it manifests itself on different platforms. This  
would include minimise/maximise functions, window size, alerting  
mechanisms etc.

Below is a summary of prior art related to "alerting mechanisms" after  
a quick scan.

The getAttention() and showNotification() methods were specified in  
the earlier WDs of the Widgets A+E spec [1] but have since been  
removed presumably due scope creep and inconsistency concerns with  
what HTML5 specifies(?). The notification functionality has also been  
in the HTML5 spec (see e.g. [2]) at some point, but has been removed  
due to lack of interest [3]. Summary of related specs:

   - getAttention() and showNotification() in Widgets A+E [1]
   - showNotification() in HTML5 [2]

Related implementations:

   - create/showNotification() in Gears [4]
   - createPopup() in IE [5]
   - create[HTML]Notification() in WebKit [6,7]

Older discussion which pre-dates (most of) the above:

    - getAttention() [8] and showNotification() [9] at Bugzilla@Mozilla

I believe these resources can help us extract practical requirements  
based on real implementations and developer experiences if the group  
sees this is something that should be worked on further (also please  
point out if this is already being actively addressed by some other WG).


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