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RE: ISSUE-14: Gathering requirements [System Info & Events]

From: 이강찬 <chan@etri.re.kr>
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 00:06:50 +0900
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Dear all,

Do you have an idea on following issues;
- audio functionality such as play, stop, pause, mute, seek, etc
- volume control : volume up/down, mute, etc
- LCD control : brightness, etc
- Ringtone control

Best Regards,


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Subject: Re: ISSUE-14: Gathering requirements [System Info & Events]


ftr, PhoneGap is currently supporting/working on:

* Accelerometer
* Notifications
Media playback
* Device info
SMS / Telephone
* Magnetometer

* not currently covered by DAP

2009/10/7 이원석 <wslee@etri.re.kr>:
> Dear all,
> +1 for Tran's opinion.
> I think usage of sensor will be rapidly growing in the various kind of mobile devices(e.g. iPhone). So sensor API for web application should be provided.
> And I believe DAP WG is appropriate place in W3C.
> Best regards,
> Wonsuk.
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>> If we don't cover sensors in this WG, which WG would cover this? As the
>> name of the WG as "Device APIs", it makes sense that we should cover this
>> important feature of the device.
>> Dzung Tran
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>> Subject: Re: ISSUE-14: Gathering requirements [System Info & Events]
>> On 6.10.2009 18.36, "ext David Rogers" <david.rogers@omtp.org> wrote:
>> > The question remains as to whether we should consider the subject of a
>> sensors
>> > API as in-charter. Having re-read the charter, at the moment, I would
>> say no.
>> > With the existing API proposals we have on the table I think we have a
>> large
>> > amount of work and scope creep could be dangerous, taking apart any
>> other
>> > potential IPR concerns.
>> The charter says the WG will deliver at least those API specifications
>> that
>> are explicitly listed. That does not rule out sensors as such, or indeed
>> any
>> other APIs that are not listed. It's a different matter whether the sheer
>> number of deliverables would already prohibit that.
>> Important use cases for accelerometers should at least be considered, but
>> it
>> wouldn't make sense to define just a dedicated accelerometer API, since we
>> already know that there are other such sensors too, probably enough to
>> warrant a "universal" or extensible framework for sensor data access.
>> > Perhaps there is scope to start a separate discussion about the whole
>> subject
>> > of transducers, not just sensors, With a view to re-chartering once
>> there is
>> > something on the table (perhaps within the next year)? I wonder if the
>> SCADA /
>> > PLC community would be interested in that part too?
>> Can you elaborate on the concept of transducers in this context? That
>> might
>> help us determine the need for such a framework as hinted above. Somehow I
>> wouldn't think rechartering is necessary with sensors as we know them on
>> phones, but based on the little I know about SCADA it suddenly makes me
>> think "version 2, if ever". :-)
>> --Jere
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