RE: [Policy] identifying APIs

Hi John,

Thanks for the URL and the interesting paper.
I am awaiting the section about versioning :)
This is a HOT topic ;)

I think the errors/exceptions can be unified (they basically do the same, but a bit differently).
IMHO XHR's status and JSON/XML could handle the architecture you propose.
To be architecturally clean, I think you could start with mapping WebIDL to URIs to be generic.
If that architecture is ready, it could be applied to DAP APIs.

For the representation you propose and as indicated in [1], we would need Widget URI to make it all happen.
Then we would use cross-document / cross-widget messaging or XHR (it could be irrelevant what is used).



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Hey Marcin,

On Oct 6, 2009, at 5:35 PM, Marcin Hanclik wrote:

> Hi John,
> Would it be possible for you to share [API]? on my personal website.

> Why would we need APIs to be resources? (I know it is possible,
> but ...)

I don't think you'd need to have it be that way, but I was just
imagining what it would be like if you were to imagine a 'My Calendar'
resource, and give it a URI. If you operated an HTTP server on your
device, you could give out a URI something like (just an example) http://my-device/Calendar/today
  to get a list of calendar entries for that day.

You could also imagine calling a function - 'calendar.entries( new Date
() ) ;' to return exactly the same information - a representation of
the same resource pointed to by the URI noted above.

I'm not sure if this is useful per se, but for me it reconciles the
RESTful with the "scriptful" somewhat if you imagine that the result
of a JS call is a representation of the same resource used to fulfill
a request to a particular URI.


- johnk


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