Re: What does it all hang off of?

On 5.10.2009 13.53, "ext Robin Berjon" <> wrote:
> Actually, to reframe the debate (which is naturally still open), the
> question isn't so much about logic :) The question is really about how
> many cows have walked down this particular path [0].

While paving the cowpaths (or paths across campus lawns, for that matter) is
a fine principle and I support it, in this case those cows were in the wrong
place to begin with. :-) Also, this argument is not about the name (like
with XHR), but the place.
Navigator has been the container for stuff about the user agent. It feels
wrong to stick things in there that are about the device, which might have
several different user agents all utilizing the same device APIs. Navigator
also has been an mainly information store, with just data properties, until
Geolocation came and put APIs there, and PhoneGap apparently followed (why?
- and anyway wouldn't there be a potential of conflict with PG?). There may
have been some APIs before that, but it doesnąt make it any more elegant.

I would leave navigator well enough alone. It shouldn't have to bear the
weight of all those APIs. Then I would claim a single new top-level name
and do whatever I want in the confines of that, being a good citizen in more
than one way. 


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