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OMTP BONDI 1.1 Candidate Release now available

From: David Rogers <david.rogers@omtp.org>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 17:30:17 -0000
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To: "W3C Device APIs and Policy WG" <public-device-apis@w3.org>
Dear all,


As I announced at the start of the DAP meeting, the OMTP BONDI 1.1
Candidate Release now available at http://bondi.omtp.org/1.1/CR/ .
Please find the release notes below:



BONDI 1.1 (Candidate Release) Release Notes



The BONDI 1.1 release define the composite specifications to allow web
applications (widget and web pages) to interoperate over BONDI defined
execution environment (widget runtime and web user agent). BONDI
technology enables web based content to access native device capability,
intermediated through a robust, but flexible security framework. There
are three elements to the 1.1 release


 - APIs: defines the JavaScript functions that expose the underlying
accessible device capability

 - Architecture and Security Specifications: defines the security layer
and required architectural components that insulate the web application
against risk

 - Compliance: define the compliance process that allows a widget
runtime or web user agent to declare compliance against the BONDI


 The BONDI 1.1 release differs from the 1.0 release in the following
important ways




  - Messaging Events are supported.

  - Binary Messaging Support.

  - Detailed and consistent filtering of PIM info and comm logs.

  - Maps replaced with specific data types.

  - More attributes for PIM elements and messaging.

  - UI Settings management added.

  - Camera API redesigned.


  Architecture and Security


  - Widgets use of requestFeature().

  - Features, sub-features, aggregate Features, and associated
clarification of requestFeature()

  - Minor clarification to processing of multi-valued attributes in the
definition of the policy model in A&S appendices

  - IRI vs URI changes

  - Improving use and consistency of terminology for "launch" "invoke"
"instantiate" etc with respect to Widgets.

  - B.4.1 Widget Subject Identity issues

  - Network access features

  - Updates to W3C document references

  - Change Definitions and perhaps other sections to be normative.

  -            flat structure of Web IDL

                - "module" statement has no semantics in BONDI

  - "implements" Web IDL keyword is used to define the hierarchy of

  - "\def-instantiated" keyword in widl is used to specify upon which
feature the interface may be instantiated

  - Feature-sets are used to group features

  - New device capabilities

   - messaging.binary.send

   - messaging.mms.subscribe

   - messaging.sms.subscribe

   - messaging.binary.subscribe

   - ui  





  - Process document

   - Compliance process document amended

  - Compliance Matrix

                - Deleted the empty Policy & Widget Examples

                - Deleted Device Capabilities List in the Security
Policy Language spreadsheet

                - Re-formatting to HTML in progress

  - Fixes have been applied to requirement numbering and cross

  - Improvements the test coverage have been made



 Release Process


 A BONDI candidate release is made publically available for 30 days in
order to elicit public feedback.


For 1.1 the consultation phase will start on November 2nd 2009,
therefore feedback must be received by 2nd December 2009.








David Rogers
OMTP Director of External Relations 

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