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Re: API for sensor data: compass, proximity, thermometer, ambient light, etc

From: Robin Berjon <robin@berjon.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 18:32:02 +0200
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To: "Ennals, Robert" <robert.ennals@intel.com>
Hi Rob,

sorry for taking a while to get back to you, I was on vacation.

On Aug 15, 2009, at 02:18 , Ennals, Robert wrote:
> Weíve been working internally on APIís to allow web applications to  
> access sensor information on mobile devices such as compass  
> direction, proximity, thermometer, ambient light, accelerometer etc.
> Do such APIs fall within the charter of this working group? (my  
> guess is yes, but Iím not sure)

You can see our charter at:


I would expect that these *may* fit under the "System Information and  
Events API". I would like more information about your requirements  
(posting a link to your APIs would be useful too) before I can give  
you a more definitive answer.

Do you think for instance that that information could be channelled  
through something that would look like BONDI's Device Status API:


That API allows one to list which aspects of a device can be observed,  
and then to set callbacks that can track the updates.

Robin Berjon - http://berjon.com/
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