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[compute-pressure] Analytics / RUM use cases? (#233)

[compute-pressure] Does compute pressure reflect OS-level speed limit changes due to throttling? (#228)

[compute-pressure] Does the privacy test need a same origin-domain or a same origin check? (#187)

[compute-pressure] editorial: Do not use unordered list in "passes privacy test" steps (#234)

[compute-pressure] Fix same origin-domain to same origin (#236)

[compute-pressure] Scenario - compute pressure for improving interactivity (#235)

[contact-picker] Consider Web Intents (#11)

[contact-picker] Editor update (#66)

[das-charter] Joint deliverables with WebApps WG (#123)

[das-charter] updated spec TR URLs, and target dates of completion (#130)

[deviceorientation] Add integration with Permissions Policy (#64)

[geolocation-api] [Editorial] Clarify units and reference geodetic system for latitude and longitude (#138)

[geolocation-api] Background Geolocation (#131)

[geolocation-api] Define "geographic coordinates" (#136)

[geolocation-api] Position data isn't passed into 'new GeolocationPosition' (#137)

[geolocation-api] What does "decimal degrees" mean? (#135)

[screen-wake-lock] Require transient activation to request lock (#350)

Closed: [contact-picker] Consider Web Intents (#11)

Closed: [contact-picker] Samsung Internet has all permissions for contacts picker api('contacts' in navigator && 'ContactsManager' in window). But after call I get 'TypeError: Unable to open a contact selector' (#33)

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