Re: [compute-pressure] Feature can be abused to create cross-site covert channels (#197)

As discussed in the context of #216 I'd recommend incorporating this proposed cross-site covert channel attack into the Types of privacy and security threats section to ensure this is carefully considered and mitigations improved as appropriate.

@pes10k, PTAL this strawman proposal inspired by your contribution and provide feedback and suggestions for further improvements:

> Cross-site covert channel
>In computer security a covert channel creates a capability to transfer information between processes that are not supposed to be allowed to communicate. In modern multi-process web engines in the generic case each window or tab resides in its own process (documents that have the [same origin]( or sites that have the [same site]( typically share the same process). Using this API it may be possible to create a cross-site covert channel C where a site A on one tab first writes to the channel C after having manipulated the state of the CPU. Next a site B (that is not same site with site A) on another tab reads from the channel C by using this API to learn when the state of the CPU has changed. This process is repeated as long as the scripts run on both the sites A and B.
>This attack is in part mitigated by Rate-limiting change notifications. Implementers are advised to consider additional mitigations for long-running scripts.
>The longer the scripts run the more information can be transmitted using the proposed cross-site covert channel. For example, if a user is on a video conferencing site and another long-running site that allows for more information to be transferred compared to regular browsing scenario.

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