Re: [compute-pressure] "User notifications" section should be more specific (#194)

Thanks @pes10k. I looked at those two specifications you mentioned. Do you perhaps refer to the following text as good examples to look for inspiration:

>Some kind of user interface will be presented to the user to facilitate the payment request after the [show]( method returns.
>Each payment handler controls what happens when multiple browsing context simultaneously call the [show]( method. For instance, some payment handlers will allow multiple payment UIs to be shown in different browser tabs/windows. Other payment handlers might only allow a single payment UI to be shown for the entire user agent.

Note in

>The authenticator presents the user with a notification that their attention is needed. On opening the notification, the user is shown a friendly selection menu of acceptable credentials using the account information provided when creating the credentials, along with some information on the [origin]( that is requesting these keys.

Step 6 of


>In addition to the above script interface, the authenticator MAY implement (or come with client software that implements) a user interface for management. Such an interface MAY be used, for example, to reset the authenticator to a clean state or to inspect the current state of the authenticator. In other words, such an interface is similar to the user interfaces provided by browsers for managing user state such as history, saved passwords, and cookies. Authenticator management actions such as credential deletion are considered to be the responsibility of such a user interface and are deliberately omitted from the API exposed to scripts.

3rd text block in


Please let us know if this level of abstraction would be helpful for this spec too to guide implementers on user interface aspects in respect to the user notification. As you know, there's a limit to how much we can normatively specify in terms of UI/UX, but we agree this section would benefit from updates.

After we hear back from you we'll enhance the user notification section of the specification and seek your review for the proposed improvements. Thank you!

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