Re: [geolocation-api] Background Geolocation (#131)

@UVLabs please see my Brotkrumen PWA at

Problems: -
1) There's some CSS issue(s) on Safari. If someone can teel me why that's great otherwise use Android
2) Not all browsers on Android support Wake Lock which is needed 'cos Backgroud Geolocation is Vorbotten
3) You need to have your own Google Maps API key as they frown on publishing mine

Having said that, it works like a charm (as long as you move about a bit) and the code can be found

All the Browser/UA  has to implement is the TravelManagerPolyfill and we're done!

@reillyeon you are wrong again :-(

The Browser/UA is *ALWAYS* in control of the geolocation change events! It can throttle them, hide them, make sure user visibility is appropriate, in fact do anything and *EVERY* iOS and Android implementations *trust* there browsers.

But sadly, no one will ask a techichnical questions or challenge the TravelManager design and instead just spread FUD :-(

Apart from user visibility and approval it's good to go! Why not?

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