Re: [vibration] Require user activation for navigator.vibrate (#29)

User activation has had a long history in spec land AFAIR, and it is currently specified in

We are probably interested in the [transient activation]( boolean flag, which [several specs]( seem to check for at this point. says _"Pointer lock is a [transient activation-gated API](, therefore a [requestPointerLock]( call MUST fail if the [relevant global object]( of [this]( does not have [transient activation]( This prevents locking upon initial navigation or re-acquiring lock without user's attention."_.

The language used in algorithms in other specs (e.g. or looks like this: _"If the [relevant global object]( of [this]( does not have [transient activation](, return [a new promise]( [rejected]( with a "[NotAllowedError](" [DOMException]("_

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