Re: [screen-wake-lock] Control screen brightness 🔆 review feedback (#335)

Proposed next steps for this issue:

- [ ] Note Mozilla's review in [Review requests](
- [ ] Ensure the explainer documents all the substantial review feedback received (Mozilla's and CSS WG's, others?), including any new open design issues or concerns
- [ ] Document which proposed solution gained most support. If no clear winner emerged, that may suggest more iteration is needed.

Next steps for the effort as a whole:

- [ ] Check we have volunteers to do the work (edit the spec, prototype in code). If positive, and if the feature is not just an extension to an existing Screen Wake Lock API surface, proceed to the spec incubation process, usually [WICG]( (Note: we can continue discuss the proposal in this WG while it is being incubated in WICG, but folks who want to do material contributions should join WICG too.) 
- [ ] When the incubation is completed successfully and there's huge excitement, some WG usually wants to adopt the work. This WG ([DAS WG]( is one possible home, and the expectation is the following:

>The Working Group will not adopt new proposals until they have matured through the [Web Platform Incubator Community Group]( or another similar incubation phase.

DAS WG's current technical scope contains "An API to prevent the screen from turning off" that we can argue contains a feature to "control screen brightness", so DAS WG adoption should be faster than some other WG.

I hope that helps explain both the immediate and more forward-looking path for this effort.

@willmorgan or @beaufortfrancois are in a good position to check the first three checkboxes with a PR and we'll take it from there.

Thanks for your contributions!

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