Re: [screen-wake-lock] Control screen brightness 🔆 review feedback (#335)

> That CSS WG critique seems to be unaware that this is an existing unpermissioned feature already present for rendering HDR videos.
> My opinion is that perceptually harmful contrast mitigation is entirely out of scope for the web. That is best left to the domain of device drivers and OS frameworks.
> After invalidating that critique, the logical conclusion is that CSS is likely the best abstraction here as this should be permissionless

Not all device screens have a way to increase the brightness in certain parts of the screen (like HDR nowadays).

I still think increasing the overall brightness of the device screen while a website is visible to the user is valuable in cases we've enumerated in the explainer. Even though permission-less is technically possible today with [hacks](, it is not 100% reliable as it depends on specific hardware.
A standardised Screen Brightness API on the other hand would allow websites to request for brightness increase in a consistent way that could be granted when certain conditions are met.

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