Re: [dap-charter] Compute Pressure API (#111)

We now have substantial implementation experience for the first version of the Compute Pressure API, and further work is under way. We have also received new feedback from users and web developers with suggestions for new use cases. These use cases have been documented in the Compute Pressure API GH repository and labeled with "[v2](".

Given this new information and interest, I'm proposing we consider adjusting the description of this API in the charter to be inclusive of these new use cases.

To start the discussion, here's my first stab against the [latest charter version]( (still in [Council review]( that I hope is not too abstract:
-Compute Pressure
+System Pressure

-An API that conveys the utilization of CPU resources on the user's device
+An API that conveys information on how the hardware platform is operating
+in relation to its normal operating bounds.
I'm not a big fan of changing the spec title, but in this case it feels "System Pressure" would be more accurate and future-proof name, also symmetrical with the WG's another deliverable, System Wake Lock API.

@kenchris, we should discuss these new use cases and this proposal at the [WG's TPAC meeting]( as part of our charter scope 2023-2024 discussion.

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