Re: [screen-wake-lock] Need maximum screen brightness mode (#129)

> > @marcoscaceres would you suggest having the feature in both places?
> Yes. I think it should be possible to request screen wake lock with full brightness without going full screen.

I absolutely agree that it's sensible to have screen brightness adjustment combined with the wake lock mechanism - however I'm not sure about the other way around.

This however leads me to think there might be good reasons to encapsule this feature into it's own API (separation of concerns), however there are excellent arguments against that, as @mounirlamouri and others [commented earlier]( To me it feels much more natural to have it accessible together with `navigator.wakeLock.request("screen", { brightness: "maximise" })` as opposed to `element.requestFullscreen({ brightness: "maximise" })` (even though there already is an `options` object that could be used as well...)

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