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>I wanted to point out that in some sports, like paragliding, the background tracking needs the barometric altitude as well as gps altitude. I know that some devices might not have the barometer, but it would be perfect to be able to access it if it is present.

Thanks for the proposal. We encourage you to continue append your feedback to this GH issue.

Helpful would be to expand on the use cases that require both high accuracy and high precision.

Now revisiting this issue after some time, I want to note typically Web APIs abstract out implementation details such as whether barometer or GPS, a fusion of both, or some other hardware, is used to measure the altitude. There are exceptional cases (see [GPS spoofing attacks]( where this might fail, but generally leaving these as implementation details work out well.

I believe browser implementations could already use the underlying OS APIs such as [pressure]( and fuse with GPS for both high accuracy and high precision altitude. I'd like to understand the use cases better where this type of fusion is not working out and require the use of barometer (only?) directly. Earlier [enableHighAccuracy]( flag caused interoperability issues, so we want to learn from that too.

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