Re: [screen-wake-lock] Should we modify Permission prompt text? (#324)

After gaining some more implementation experience and delving a little deeper into this topic, I have to disagree with @martinthomson on this one - as:

 1. it puts an undue burden on implementers to support a query type. It may due "no harm", but It doesn't come with zero cost (it's not a big cost, but it's still a fair chunk of work to support in a browser engine).
 2. It sets a not-so-great precedence: it standardizes something that we are not sure yet should be standardized.
 3. It's confusing for developers (what actually brought me here): in that I can `.query()` the permission, but there is no actual corresponding Permission UI in any user agent.

I'd prefer we "unhook" screen wake lock from the Permission spec for now, until such time that we are 100% sure that there will be an actual permission UI.

So, I'm not saying we shouldn't have this eventually - I'm saying it's premature right now to have Permission API integration right now.  

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