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== Web HID ==

>A HID (Human Interface Device) is a type of device that takes input from or provides output to humans. It also refers to the HID protocol, a standard for bi-directional communication between a host and a device that is designed to simplify the installation procedure. The HID protocol was originally developed for USB devices but has since been implemented over many other protocols, including Bluetooth.

>The web platform already supports input from many HID devices. Keyboards, pointing devices, and gamepads are all typically implemented using the HID protocol. However, this support relies on the operating system’s HID drivers that transform the HID input into high-level input APIs. Devices that are not well supported by the host’s HID driver are often inaccessible to web pages. Similarly, the outputs on most devices that are not supported by the host’s HID driver are inaccessible.

Community interest and spec maturity to be evaluated.

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