Re: [screen-wake-lock] Anyone implementing "system" lock? (#232)

Are there any plans to continue the work for system wakelocks?

I would definitely like to see this happen to support applications that are doing significant amounts of computing or interacting with hardware (via WebUSB/WebSerial). Especially when interacting with hardware it can be important to try to not interrupt communications when possible (even if the tab is in the background). Additionally, if would be nice if acquiring a lock prevented the browser from performing additional throttling/freezing on the tab, but not sure if that is more of an implementation detail (may not be the right api for it either).

To add more context my specific use case is acquiring a system wake lock during the Android device flashing process on The flashing process should ideally not be interrupted even when running on a laptop on battery. It usually takes longer than 5 minutes (re timing out the lock mentioned above).

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