Re: [deviceorientation] Add API for requesting permission to receive device motion / orientation events (#57)

I am in favor of adding `requestPermission()` methods to `DeviceOrientationEvent` and `DeviceMotionEvent` (as well as the equivalent Generic Sensors APIs). Acknowledging WebKit's concerns I think it is reasonable for an implementation to choose to completely deny permission for these APIs by default if they wish to. Blink's current plans are to,

1. Implement a permissions API allowing a site to request a particular level of precision and/or frequency.
2. Allow access to the existing level of precision and frequency by default.
3. Notify the user that a site is using the device sensors and allow them to revoke permission.

(2) is necessary to maintain compatibility with existing sites and the existing information leaks are partially mitigated by (3). (1) provides a framework for enabling (a) future use cases that require more data and (b) a move towards reducing the amount of data available without a permission in a gradual fashion in order to allow sites to adapt.

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Received on Friday, 14 December 2018 19:32:02 UTC