Re: [sensors] Provide the DeviceOrientation sensor

> Cool. Can we turn that into a use case and derive those as 
requirements? That would be pretty awesome.

Let the following to be the first draft:

**Use cases**
1. A 3D compass web application monitor's the device's orientation and
 aligns the compass heading in a three-dimensional space.
2. A web-based game uses the device's orientation relative to the 
Earth's surface as user input. For example, simulation of 
Ball-in-a-maze puzzle.
3. A WebVR API polyfill implementation tracks the headset's (or mobile
 device's for mobile VR) orientation.
4. A mapping web application orientates the 2D map with the 
orientation of the device.

**Functional requirements**
1. The API must provide data that describes the device's physical 
orientation in a stationary 3D coordinate system. 
2. The API must provide data in representation that matches that of 
the WebGL interfaces and methods.
3. The API must address the VR requirements for high performance and 
low motion-to-photon latency, and not introduce significant overhead 
over corresponding native platform APIs.
4. The API must extend Generic Sensor and inherit its functionality 
and satisfy its requirements.

**Non-functional requirements**
1. The API must provide developer friendly and consistent higher level
 abstractions optimised for the common use cases.

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Received on Tuesday, 28 February 2017 14:05:46 UTC