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[wake-lock] "System" wake lock use cases

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Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2016 03:12:58 +0000
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== "System" wake lock use cases ==
>From section 6:

> The lock request and management mechanism presented in this document
 can be extended to support additional types of locks by adding new 
lock request flags to appropriate interface objects. E.g. a "system" 
wake lock could be introduced which would prevent the device's cpu, 
radio(s), and other system services from entering a power-saving state
 while allowing the screen to switch off.

I'd like to suggest that a system wake lock is actually at least as 
important, if not more so, than a screen wake lock.  I noticed that 
the [wake lock use cases](https://www.w3.org/TR/wake-lock-use-cases/) 
document also noted the need for system wakelocks but did not provide 
any use cases for them.  Here is my attempt to define some use cases 
which require system wakefullness but where locking the screen is an 
intentional part of using the app, because the user wants the app to 
operate while the device is in a bag or pocket.

### RioRun by The Guardian; Zombies Run

In RioRun, the user is invited to take a virtual tour of Rio by 
walking around their own home town.  Their GPS is used to track their 
position and as they approach key mile markers in their walk or run, 
audio clips are played of the ambient noise of the corresponding part 
of Rio, along with some editorial voiceover.  Zombies, Run is a 
similar app which imagines that you are being chased by Zombies.

Requires active GPS tracking, management of audio playlist

### RunKeeper; MapMyRun; MotionX GPS

Variations on the same theme, these apps use live GPS tracking or 
accelerometer data to determine your location and stride rate for 
fitness tracking.  They may also periodically announce progress data 
using audio or vibration feedback.  Requires GPS, accelerometer, 
vibrate, audio

### Meeting assistant

As speech recognition improves, I can imagine an app that uses the 
microphone to capture audio, and streams it to a cloud service which 
figures out who is speaking, which agenda topic is being discussed, 
and creates well designed and organised minutes of the meeting.

Requires microphone, network access

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