Another Design System paradigm related project

Hi everybody.
I'm an individual and I recently created a W3C account to post a related
XForms project.

This is a set of html extensions that aims to reduce javascript requirement
and perform a lot of dynamic behaviours in a declarative way.

There is a feature you might like. This project aims to extend the html
separation of concerns by adding a layer between styles and the html page
itself feeding the shadow dom inner content of xml / html elements. The
goal is to provide a declarative way (without javascript requirement) to
design shadow dom of elements using a set of templates given in an external
sheet ressource (like CSS : it's called XML Design System Sheet)

Since it's another Design System paradigm related project, you may be
interested in it.

For now I'm totally alone on this project, and I will greatly appreciate

Finally, I will be happy if there are some supporters to this newly
proposed community group.
Thank you,

Received on Wednesday, 8 March 2023 09:13:56 UTC