Linked Data Templates article

Hey all,

as some of you might know, we have written an article on the
architecture of Linked Data Templates, which was presented at XML
London last weekend. LDT is an ontology-driven approach to read-write
Linked Data, which satisfies the REST hypermedia constraint and
implements the original Semantic Web vision of ontology-driven
software agents. You can find the article here:

I think I had promised to release a draft LDT specification before the
conference, but unfortunately there was no time left for that. It is
still our main objective, and we're planning to make progress on it
this month.

Once again, any kind of feedback regarding LDT is very welcome.

P.S. We recently changed our product name from Graphity to AtomGraph,
because of trademark issues.


Received on Monday, 6 June 2016 22:52:39 UTC