Spring news update

Hey all,

some things that we have worked on in 2015:
- complete HATEAOS support. How all state transitions are included as
part of the RDF response, for example (excerpts):

        a            gp:Page , foaf:Document ;
<http://localhost:8080/graphity-client/queries?offset=0&limit=20> .

        a                 gp:Constructor , foaf:Document ;
        gp:constructorOf  <http://localhost:8080/graphity-client/queries> .

- Upgraded SPIN API to 1.4.0 (which depends on Jena 2.11.0)
- Graphity Client 1.1.1 released on Maven:
- Updated JavaDoc: http://graphity.github.io/graphity-client/apidocs/
- Graphity paper published as part of the proceedings of SWAT4LS 2014:

Roadmap for the nearest future:
- splitting the currently monolithic Client project into Client and
Server (which is really the processor)
- RDFa generation as part of XHTML
- new Linked Data Processor specification as a deliverable of this CG

Feedback is welcome as always :)


Received on Thursday, 19 March 2015 11:46:45 UTC