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New Project at Morfeo (Device Description API Reference Implementations)

From: Josť Manuel Cantera Fonseca <jmcf@tid.es>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 13:48:01 +0100
To: Morfeo Public <morfeo-public@lists.morfeo-project.org>
Cc: MyMobileWeb-CELTIC-Esp <mymobileweb-celtic-es@lists.morfeo-project.org>, public-ddwg@w3.org
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The recent progress in the specification of the standard API to access 
device descriptions (DDR-API) has motivated the creation of a new 
project in Morfeo's community to host some reference implementations in 
different languages. This API is being developed by the W3C DDWG [1] 
(Telefonica I+D and Fundacion CTIC are members of this group and editors 
of the API document jointly with dotMobi and MobileAware). Device 
Descriptions are fundamental pieces for doing content & application 
adaptation in the Mobile Web.

At the moment there is an experimental (not yet published as a draft in 
W3C) version of the API in Java [2]. The First Public Working Draft of 
the API is expected by the end of the year.

This standard API will enable the interoperability and interchange 
between different device description repositories (DDRs). For example, 
an adaptation framework like MyMobileWeb could make use of different DD 
solutions, such as WURFL, the upcoming phone.mobi or the recent released 
Volantis Device Database.

The DDR-API is intended for the new mobile web browser and devices 
generation and considers the distinction between browser and device, 
leveraging existing solutions like the WURFL API. Also it  will be a 
fundamental piece for the new generation Delivery Context Management 
component to be developed next year in MyMobileWeb.

The planned work items for the project might include, but are not 
limited to:

+ Cooperation with the W3C-DDWG group to come up with the final version 
of the API
+ A Java implementation of the DDR-API on top of WURFL
+ More Java implementations of the API based among others, UAProf 
repositories, the Volantis recently released database, etc.
+ A PHP implementation of the API based on WURFL or other dbs, 
volunteers needed!!!
+ Other languages implementations are indeed very welcome (Python, Ruby, 
.NET ...), volunteers needed!!!
+ TestSuites of the DDR-API for the different languages
+ Feedback to the DDWG group regarding implementations, including 
implementation reports
+ An specification for an advanced vocabulary of properties for 
adaptation in the mobile web

If you would like to contribute, you can join the project at [3]. Also 
we have created a list to coordinate between the different developers 
[4], you are welcome to subscribe to it [5]

Best Regards

[1] http://www.w3.org/2005/MWI/DDWG/
[2] http://www.w3.org/2005/MWI/DDWG/drafts/api/java/DDR-API-Minimal/doc/
[3] http://forge.morfeo-project.org/projects/ddr-ri/
[4] mailto:ddr-ri-develop@lists.morfeo-project.org
[5] http://lists.morfeo-project.org/mailman/listinfo/ddr-ri-develop
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