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RE: [API] Code snippet I .- fast property retrieval (not unit aware)

From: Jo Rabin <jrabin@mtld.mobi>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 07:34:49 -0000
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I think it would be better if we simply said tat string representations should not be used for testing equality - use .equals instead. It will be hard to ensure that different string representations are not the same for arbitrary values and units of measure.

And yes, +1 to that toString(); though we need to be clear that it returns the value without units i.e. it returns



0.000000000000000001 parsecs


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> +1 to the proposal to have a toString() method in the property value
> class. We should also require that if two property value object represent
> different values (i.e. they are not equal) then their toString() methods
> should also return strings that are not equal.
> I think the values returned should be boxed types. We should be able to
> make a reasonable assuption that the developer will know what return type
> is appropriate. I also think that helping the developer during compile
> time is useful, so appropriate typing that can be tested during
> implementation/compilation would be useful.
> The "fast food" version is starting to look good.
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> Subject: [API] Code snippet I .- fast property retrieval (not unit aware)
> Hi,
> Here a start a series of code snippets trying to center the discussion
> on the DDRPropertyValue object and its methods. The most simple property
> retrieval is the so-called fast food version. Here is an example
> DDRPropertyValue value = ddr.getPropertyValue("resolution_width",key);
> System.out.println("Retrieved value:" + value.getValue());
> So here comes the first question:
> Now the DDRPropertyValue has a getValue method that returns an Object.
> Do we want it to be as generic as an object or do we want specific
> methods such as
> getBoolean()
> getInteger()
> getDouble()
> getString()
> ???
> Also from my example it seems to be good (at least in Java) to have an
> implemented toString() method at the level of DDRPropertyValue that will
> return the property value as an String, simplifying even more the task
> for the developer, that will print the value with
> System.out.println(value) where value is a DDRPropertyValue object. That
> toString() method will actually call the getString() method.
> Best Regards
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> José Manuel Cantera Fonseca
> Telefónica I+D
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