Re: core remaining issues

On 06/01/17 07:21, Dimitris Kontokostas wrote:
> A) SPARQL related
> 68 - pre-binding not defined in SHACL spec 
> <>
Proposal-B is suitable for pre-binding (it works over the whole query 
not just the top level).
> 170 - SPARQL specifies a different reading for exists and blank nodes 
> than needed for SHACL 
> <>
Both proposals move blank node restriction out of BGP matching so blank 
nodes are treated like RDF terms.  The majority of SPARQL engines 
already do this (one is reported not to).
> 202 - Suggestion to remove pre-binding from core 
> <>
This would be good. IMO the extension beyond care would (ideally) allow 
other languages, including procedural ones. This is a balance between 
"web-portable" (=> one language) conditions and the need to write 
domain-specific conditions by domain experts who workj in a variety of 


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