Re: shapes-ISSUE-192 (Are focus nodes shapes?): Should focus nodes be of type sh:Shape? if not, then what?

sh:filterShape is a property, so its type is rdf:Property

Itıs range of values are instances of sh:Shape

  rdf:type rdf:Property ;
  rdfs:domain sh:Constraint ;
  rdfs:range sh:Shape ;


On 10/26/16, 8:58 AM, "Karen Coyle" <> wrote:

>>>Note that the first sentence of filter shape (2.2) says that the
>>>filter shape is a shape: "A filter is a shape in the shapes graph that
>>>further refines the focus nodes in the data graph that are validated
>>>against a constraint or all the constraints of a shape."
>>Hmm well, that's formal language - I don't see a mistake but it's not
>>very readable. This is the general conflict that we have as editors:
>>some people tell us they want it more formal and others tell us they
>>want it more readable. It's not always possible to have both. If in
>>doubt, I am afraid I'll have to stick with the formal language and leave
>>the rest to other material. I welcome diffs with better prose.
>It's not the language that is the problem - it's that it says that a
>filter is a shape, which I read as
>sh:filterShape rdf:type sh:Shape
>while the RDF says:
>sh:filterShape rdf:type sh:Constraint

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