Re: SHACL syntax and metamodel complexity

On 4/03/2016 9:29, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
> This wording is extremely confused.   It is possible to have multiple
> constraint components on the same property in one component, such as a
> minCount and a class.  The confusion comes from using "property" for two
> different things.

I have replaced the second use of "property" with "predicate" to make 
this clearer.

In your approach, if you have multiple sh:class values, are they being 
interpreted as AND or OR?

Note that in either case this multi-occurrence within the same property 
constraint causes a serious limitation by disallowing constraint types 
that have multiple parameters such as sh:pattern/sh:flags. I guess 
that's one reason why you (silently) dropped the extension mechanism, 
because this would quickly expose this limitation as another show stopper.


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