bringing ShEx and Shacl closer

Dear all,

I am currently studying what restrictions should be made to ShEx so that 
it can be compiled to SHACL. My hope is to manage to bring the two 
languages closer, or even make them converge. Such convergence however 
might require some changes to SHACL.

The problem of repeated properties has been around for a while, and my 
idea is to change the way we treat repeated properties in ShEx and adopt 
something similar to qualified cardinalities in SHACL.

Another difference is the disjunction. Considering this concrete example:

"A person has either a foaf:name, or a foaf:givenName and a foaf:familyName"

This is easily written in ShEx, but not in SHACL. I however think that 
it would not require a big change to SHACL to be able to easily handle 
such use cases.

I hope to be able to make a concrete proposal of modified ShEx and SHACL 
with the perspective of getting the two languages closer (there are 
still some corner cases that I do not know how to deal with). Hopefully 
it is possible to achieve this with modifications of the two languages 
that are acceptable for the two communities.

Iovka Boneva
Associate professor (MdC) Université de Lille
+33 6 95 75 70 25

Received on Thursday, 3 March 2016 17:16:03 UTC