ISSUE-23 example on proposal (d)

As promised, here's an example on proposal (d)

PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-23 by introducing sh:ClassShape, a rdfsubClassOf
shhape. sh:ClassShape indicates that the Shape IRI is also the shcopeClass
of the Shape and forbids an explicit shcopeClass declaration. If and where
the shape IRI is defined as an rdfs:Class is out of scope for SHACL.

example on existing spec (with sh:ShapeClass)

we write:
foaf:Person a sh:ShapeClass.

what it translates to:
foaf:Person a rdfs:Class, sh:Shape ;
  sh:scopeClass foaf:Person .

new proposal (sh:ClassShape)

we write:
foaf:Person a sh:ClassShape.

what it translates to
foaf:Person a sh:Shape ;
  sh:scopeClass foaf:Person .

the only difference is the naming from sh:ShapeClass to sh:ClassShape and
that sh:ClassShape is no longer a meta-class. the latter means that we do
not care if and where "foaf:Person a rdfs:Class" is defined and we do not
do anything with rdfs or inferencing


Kontokostas Dimitris

Received on Wednesday, 16 December 2015 19:13:13 UTC