Re: Can Shapes always be Classes?

On 11/21/14, 8:29 PM, Dimitris Kontokostas wrote:
> Thank you for the details Holger, SPIN it is more clear now to me.
> I would like to give input to this WG on how we deal this with RDFUnit 
> in case it is of interest.
> RDFUnit does this the opposite way of SPIN. Instead of assigning 
> constraints to classes or properties, we decorate (associate) 
>  constraints with classes, properties, ontologies, vocabularies, RDF 
> graphs or applications.

Well, triples are bidirectional, so calling this "the opposite way of 
SPIN" is IMHO too strong. And of course it would be straight-forward to 
extend SPIN with a couple of properties to inform an execution engine 
about which constraints to run, if people find that helpful. Instead of 
making it appear the "opposite" I'd encourage you to think about the 
commonalities and how to harvest and merge the best ideas from all 


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