Re: Fwd: Re: Shapes, Individuals, and Classes - OSLC Motivations

On 11/18/2014 8:20, Arthur Ryman wrote:

> I am not following your use of "graph". oslc:resourceShape links to an
> RDF resource which defines a graph too. oslc:resourceShape is a
> property. When used in a triple, its object is expected to be a
> resource that is of RDF type oslc:ResourceShape. I believe you are
> proposing to make the object a SPIN document. Please confirm.

Yes, an RDF document (= graph) is also a resource with a URI. The URI
would be just a URL to look up the additional constraints that shall
hold in the given context. So yes, the object of such a triple would be
the URL of a (SPIN/Shapes) document.

> This is promising, but we still need to discuss the OSLC view that
> there is a many-to-many relation between shapes and classes.

Which specific issues remain unresolved?


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