Re: Renumbered rdf:List stress test user story

Thanks for detecting and fixing this, Nick.

I have moved this into its own page so that I had enough space to add a 
SPIN implementation of this scenario. Corrections welcome, this was just 
a very quick attempt:


On 11/13/2014 4:19, Nick Crossley wrote:
> In the user stories page 
> <> there 
> was a problem with the layout/numbering in the S20 & S21 range: a 
> story for rdf:List stress test had been added, but it came out 
> (possibly in the copy from the original pirate pad) as text embedded 
> in the S20 story, rather than being the intended next story S21. 
> Meanwhile, other stories have been added using S21, S22 ... S25.
> I have separated out that rdf:List stress test story as a new entry 
> S26. If there were any references to it elsewhere in email threads or 
> the wiki pages under the S21 number, it currently does not have that 
> number.
> Nick.

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