Technology options

While we are collecting and cleaning up requirements and use cases, I am 
trying to see if we can do technical preparation work in parallel. It 
would IMHO be sad if we spend the next few months with nothing but 
requirements, especially given that EricP already had collected quite a 
number of requirements and I believe we already have quite a good basic 
understanding of what the WG is supposed to deliver.

Maybe we could also create Wiki pages to discuss the strengths and 
weaknesses of each technology, allowing the proponents to clarify what 
they envision. It should be clear that any input technology is just the 
starting point, and that missing features can be added to any of the 

So looking at the meeting last week, I believe the current catalog of 
starting points is:

- ShEx
- OWL (Closed World) only
- Resource Shapes + SPIN
- OWL + Resource Shapes + SPIN

- Any other (new) technology ?

Are any other proposals on the table?

I have not included Resource Shapes stand-alone because it would be very 
similar to ShEx but without extension mechanism.


Received on Monday, 3 November 2014 23:41:03 UTC