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Removed Where does it hang off of? note. Ref: http://www.w3.org/mid/07A318CC-9094-4DB4-A1D9-D21FCA07F9A4%2540nokia.com (ISSUE-67)
Current assumption for the Capture API is navigator.device

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       <p>The <code>Capture</code> interface exposes an interface to the
       camera and microphone of the hosting device.</p>
-      <p class="issue">Where does it hang off of? Example given above
-      assumes navigator.device — in which case we need to
-      define a <code>NavigatorDevice</code> interface somewhere.</p>
       <p>Objects implementing the <code>NavigatorDevice</code>
       interface (e.g. the <code>window.navigator.device</code> object
       in Web browsers [[NAVIGATOR]]) provide access to the

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