inferenceweb browser and cwm interoperating

In the TAMI project, we've been working on getting proofs
from cwm converted to PML so that they can be displayed
in the inferenceweb browser. It seems to be working!

For details, see

Cynthia and Li clarified how PML works and relaxed some
limitations in the InferenceWeb tools, and Lalana took
some conversion rules that TimBL started and I worked
on and produced

Great work!

So is
perhaps obsolete now. I suppose things will move around
so they don't live in /lkagal/ so don't take these URIs
too seriously.

But I think it's pretty interesting that the swap/cwm
tools and the InferenceWeb tools agree, in an observable
way, on how to represent a proof, at a certain level.

Jos, I'm curious how the proof representation that euler
generates relates to
and to PML. Any thoughts?

For reference, see:
 TAMI project

  cwm discussion:

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