Trailing ; in N3 property lists forbidden

Trailing ; is now forbidden in property lists in the new Notation3
grammar where it says:
    verb object objecttail propertylisttail

    ";" verb object objecttail propertylisttail


The old one,
allowed this:

    void ( to allow an anonymous node by itself [:a :b ]. But :a. generates no statements. )
    verb objectlist
    verb objectlist ; propertylist

and the reference Notation 3 implementation in cwm continues to allow this.

Trivial test:

$ cat > t.n3
@prefix foo: <> .
foo:a foo:b foo:c;
      foo:d foo:e; .
$ cwm  t.n3
#Processed by Id:,v 1.148 2004/03/21 04:24:32 timbl Exp
        #    using base file:/home/cmdjb/w3c/2000/10/swap/t.n3
#  Notation3 generation by
#,v 1.153 2004/03/21 04:24:35 timbl Exp
#   Base was: file:/home/cmdjb/w3c/2000/10/swap/t.n3
    <>     <> <>;
         <> <> .

So which one is correct? 

Annoyingly for me, in my Turtle implementation, I allow it (following
the old grammar) but in the Turtle spec[1], I have forbidden it, so
one way or another I've got to change something!

I have seen N3 examples that have (accidently I guess) used this such as:
(last example).



Received on Tuesday, 4 May 2004 06:11:20 UTC