Bug ignoring RDF/XML xml:base?

To whom it may concern:

This may not be a bug with CWM, and may instead by user error, but it
seems like CWM is not correctly taking advantage of xml:base information
in the RDF/XML serialization.  To whit, with an RDF/XML baseline of:


        <project:Article rdf:about="">

Then using:

    # cwm.py --rdf file.rdf

We get:

    <rdf:RDF xmlns="file:/path/to/file.rdf#"

        <project:Article rdf:about="">

In particular, if I am correct in my interpretation of the RDF spec, the
statement in the second information set does not refer to the same
resource as that in the first information set.  As a minor secondary
issue, the default xmlns comes out of nowhere.

Thank you, and take care,

    John L. Clark

Received on Tuesday, 2 March 2004 01:45:43 UTC