Re: cwm bug: --rdf=T doesn't work?

Yosi Scharf wrote:

> Yosi Scharf wrote:
>> The bug is not in --rdf=T. The reason for the behavior is that cwm 
>> will ignore any XML outside of <rdf:RDF> tags, which makes it 
>> possible to embet RDF data in other XML. I have heard that the 
>> current spec says that the enclosing <rdf:RDF> tags are optional, and 
>> at some point we may update cwm's behaviour to match this.
> If I read the documentation myself I would be doing well. That is what 
> --rdf=T should be doing. I'll look into this now.
> Yosi
I'll try again. --rdf=T is for ignoring everything outside of the 
<rdf:RDF> tags, but if you find an <rdf:RDF> tag, process it. Without 
that flag, it will ignore non-top level <rdf:RDF> tags. The flag you 
want is --rdf=R, which is (as far as I know) undocumented, but has cwm 
ignore the lack of an outside <rdf:RDF> tag and parse the contents as 
rdf anyways. I stand by my original statement the rdflib would probably 
be better for doing this.


Received on Friday, 30 July 2004 10:39:46 UTC