Cwm Release 1.1.0rc1

On behalf of the entire Cwm team, I am proud to announce that Cwm
release 1.1.0rc1 is now available for your downloading pleasure.

Cwm is a general-purpose data processor for the semantic
web, somewhat like sed, awk, etc. for text files or XSLT for XML.
It is a forward chaining reasoner which can be used for querying,
checking, transforming and filtering information. Its core
language is RDF, extended to include rules, and it uses RDF/XML
or RDF/N3 (see Notation3 Primer) serializations as required.

To find out more about Cwm, visit

The place to download this version of cwm is . 

The log of the building of this release is at

All changes listed below are shamelessly copied from

==Performance Improvements
    * Cwm now uses Python Sets instead of lists to store many things
    * Speed improvements to some tests are orders of magnitude
    * Output is not as stable as it once was

==Python 2.3 or later now required
Used for Sets

==Experimental SPARQL Server support
Cwm can now run as a SPARQL server. This includes:
    * A preview cwm --sparqlServer, which runs a server on port 8000
    * cwm --sparql=, which behaves like --query=
    * builtins for doing sparql queries from within n3.

==RDF/XML serialization fixes
A few strange bugs in rdf:xml serialization, many related to the rdf: prefix or xml: prefix, have been fixed

==delta exit statuses
delta now returns with similar exit statuses as the diff utility for plaintext files. An exit status of 0 means no differences between the from and to graphs were found. An exit status of 1 means some differences were found. An exit status of 2 means differences were not computed for some reason.

Yosi Scharf

Received on Thursday, 11 August 2005 15:47:58 UTC